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AHR Birthday Widget PRO

0.99 usd

Homescreen widget to display the next birthdays. The birthdays are read from the contact entries in the phone directory, so is the right to read the contacts needed.The app uses no more rights than necessary (no internet access)!There are widgets available in different sizes with different representation. The contacts to be displayed can be filtered through the contact groups so you can have different widgets for example Family and work colleagues use. Several widgets can be used simultaneously with different configurations.
Other options:  - Background color can be chosen freely  - Background transparency can be chosen freely  - Foreground color can be chosen freely  - Anniversaries mark it with a laurel wreath  - Show Relative date (today, tomorrow, Saturday, in 12 days, etc.)  - A gradual brightness (the closer the birthday, the more intense the entry will be shown)  - Graduated font size (the closer the birthday, the larger the entry will be shown)  - Show the reached age behind the contact
*** Support in translating to other languages is desired ***